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july 2017

In addition to building Luxoticase's site and producing a promotional video, we also photographed each of the brand's products. Each photo was shot in the same studio in one sitting to avoid changes in lighting conditions, and edited using the same color correction techniques. We elected to use hue/saturation changes to keep photographic consistency across the board - a perfect solution for products available in multiple colors. 

product photos

Each product photo was captured in full 16.2 megapixel RAW format, professionally lit in our in-house studio. All product photos were edited in Adobe Photoshop, with equal exposure, white balance, and color correction changes made to each photo.

lifestyle photos

Various photos of the client's products were staged and shot in their intended settings to be used included in social media and web use.

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product video

The product images captured above were used to create an animated launch trailer for the brand, showcasing the variety of products and customization options.

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product video

carbon trim solutions

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