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blurring the lines between design and reality:

our goal with this advertisement was to convey the client's high-tech style of branding through a mix of visual and audio effects. We chose to blend the photographic element of the product into a blueprint-style sketch, highlighting specific features in two dimensions, before cutting to an outro scene. 



the first step of this production was to photograph and record the product in our in-house studio for photo and video manipulation in post production. By making use of rotational footage, we were able to seamlessly transition from the video elements to the photographic elements of the video.

post production

Adobe After Effects was used heavily to create the visual effects of the scene. After Effects' built-in virtual camera capabilities were used to create a three-dimensional scene from two-dimensional footage, and motion blur applied to bring together the effects.

final cut

as with most of our video projects, the final timeline was created and exported from Adobe Premiere Pro using Adobe's Dynamic Link to allow for maximum image quality while maintaining ease of edits in the future.

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